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superhuman team training

The Only AI Training Designed to Empower Your Team

Simplify Integration, Boost Efficiency, Future-Proof Your Business, Outpace All Your Competitors.

Are you utilizing AI to its full potential in your business?

Is your hesitation to embrace AI causing you to miss out on critical opportunities?
Does Integrating AI Into Your Operations Have You Feeling Overwhelmed?
​Is It Challenging To Keep Up With The Rapid Pace Of AI Advancements?
Do you feel like you might be f#%ing up royally by not taking this chance to integrate AI the right way… like NOW?
​Do You Need A Strategic Approach To Harness The Power Of AI?
Is It Time To Revitalize Your Business Strategy With AI?
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Here's The Problem

Keeping up with the relentless pace of AI advancements is virtually a full-time job. A job that most business leaders can’t spare the time for. Yet they know the potential for growth is unavoidable.

You might think AI is a distant future or a Silicon Valley buzzword, but the numbers suggest otherwise.

The Numbers Prove It

If you’re getting ready to integrate AI into your business, you are among the 42% of businesses that are looking to do the same right now.
And that’s not surprising, since 35% of companies are already using AI.
However, here’s the real reason everyone is so motivated: 91.5% of the world’s LEADING businesses are investing in AI continuously!
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AI has already added $4.4 trillion in global profits…
Salesforce increased their productivity by 33% using it so far thanks to chatbots.
Accenture predicts that the average company can expect to see a 40% boost in profit when they integrate AI.

And that’s across ALL industries…

Manufacturing already increased AI adoption by 270% in the last four years…
Over half of healthcare invests in AI…
Retail aims for 80% automation with AI by 2027…

What Your Business Will Gain:

AI Tool Mastery Calls

Using Coda to automate repetitive tasks with AI

Streamlining and efficiency.

AI meeting/call follow-up assistant

Ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

AI automation with and Zapier

Linking disparate systems and processes.

AI email draft response integration

Crafting smarter, more effective responses.

Automating Multistep Tasks

Coda, Make/Zap, AI: Unleashing creativity by removing the shackles of mundane work.

AI Proposal and Formatted PDF report automation

Speeding up the process of creating proposals and reports.

Prompt Engineer Hacks and Frameworks

Custom-tailoring AI outputs.

AI Offers and Sales Page

Directly impacting your bottom line with compelling offers and sales pages.

Playground/ChatGPT/God Mode/BARD/Claude/Grok

Exploring various AI platforms for a versatile toolbox.

Midjourney/Dalle/SD - image creation and design

Generating visuals that captivate and communicate.

Complete AI integrated social media and Content workflows

Creating effective content strategies.

Marketing Tools and Plans

Leveraging AI-driven tools for market analysis and campaign execution.

A Comprehensive, Hands-On Approach

Navigate the complexities of AI with a clear, structured roadmap designed to accelerate your team's progress.

Get ahead and stay ahead

Train Custom ChatBots

Deploy as many bots as you need to enhance customer service, automate repetitive tasks, and ensure your business operates smoothly around the clock.

Power Up Your SOPs

Revolutionize your operational efficiency with AI-powered Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that streamline processes and reduce human error.

Create Custom AI Tools

Tailor your business strategy with custom AI tools designed to meet your unique challenges and drive competitive advantage.

AI Powered Content Creation

Elevate your brand's voice with custom AI-powered content creators that deliver compelling, on-brand messaging at scale.

AI Follow-Up and Sales Tools

Transform your sales pipeline with automated AI follow-up and sales tools that nurture leads and close deals more efficiently.

3X Loyalty and Productivity

Triple your team's loyalty and productivity by leveraging AI to provide them with the insights and support they need to excel in their roles.


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How our training has revolutionized businesses like yours

"The AI training has been a game-changer for me and my time. In my first session, I had AI extract the talking points from my latest book for my next speech. I would have spent hours doing this in the past."

Get Started

Navigate the complexities of AI with a clear, structured roadmap designed to accelerate your team's progress.

Common questions

How much does training cost?

The investment for our comprehensive AI Superhuman Team Training program is $3,000 each month for 1 business owner and up to 3 additional team members. The cost includes all modules, hands-on projects, expert-led sessions and continuous support to ensure you receive the highest value from your learning experience.

Why should I choose RealTime over another platform?

RealTime Ai stands out due to our unique combination of in-depth learning, hands-on experience, and industry expertise. Our training is designed not just to teach you about AI, but to immerse you in its practical application. Our expert instructors are active industry professionals who bring the latest insights and real-world knowledge to the classroom. Plus, our supportive, collaborative environment fosters a community that extends well beyond the training itself.

Can I try out RealTime before I buy?

Absolutely! We encourage you to sign up for our free online class to get a taste of what RealTime AI has to offer. This introductory session allows you to experience our teaching style and curriculum firsthand, ensuring that our program aligns with your learning goals before making the investment.

What if I don’t like the training?

We are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience and confident in the value of our AI Superhuman Team Training. However, if for any reason you're not satisfied, you can cancel anytime. No getting locked into service contracts. We take your satisfaction seriously and strive to deliver an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Will RealTime help me with my project?

Yes, our training is designed to provide you with the tools and skills necessary to tackle your AI projects. Throughout the program, you'll work on real-life projects that not only reinforce your learning but also contribute to your own goals. In addition, our instructors and support team are available to offer guidance and advice on how to apply what you've learned to your specific project needs.

Don't let fear hold your business back. The cost of inaction is too high.

Imagine where your business could be in six months with AI — don't miss out on the chance to get ahead while you still can.

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